Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Traditional Vs Digital

Today I got a NEW tablet and I have to say BREAKER-#3 is going to look smashing! I'm changing the system the way I work especially inking, but I be doing all inking now via digital I'll still keep to the ways of old :)
any way here are the examples between the age old war of digital & Traditional.

  Here is one of the opening pannels to BREAKER-#3 of the Rhanzallium Ark it's a scan of the original mauscript on a Raster layer, I convert the black to green (most use red or blue but i see it easier and better to work with green how odd :p) the reason i convert it to GREEN is so it's easier when I go over it when digitally ink it.

here is the Digitally inked version which is the finished version, I've also added tone, and the good thing with the program I'm using Manga Studio you can get rulers for perspective and snap the lines to the ruler giving brilliant perspective!

I think Digital has one this war sadly, but I still love to use traditional :)

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